Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Life's lesson

Life lessons are easy to take for granted, we easily let it slip by us as we sit and watch another life movie when there is a life lesson class in progress... How many times have you looked back and realized that you were a fool not have realized something worth your attention pass you, it could have been a business opportunity, a lover, an enemy in a friends shoe or even an opportunity to succeed at something? This are the movies am talking about.
One of my friendly recently participated in a play and her friends were very supportive as the walked by her in every journey, and yes i was behind her as well. we ensured her clothes were appropriate for ever scene as well as her hair and make up, it was crazy backstage as everyone is either being dramatic or serious in their duties to ensure the show runs. What struck me is how one of my friends *Becky ensured that *Risper sparkled at every corner of the day, if it was water she needed, water did Becky ensured was there, if it was a t_shirt missing, she ran to the nearest point of exit to get it and this time i posed all other movies and asked myself, would Risper break a sweat for Becky? am not sure i had the answer yet or i would get it soon enough, but having it in mind was sure a way to help me reason in the near future.
It did not take long for my life lesson to unfold itself and this are the times that you want to ask a question but you can not come up with any...
Becky landed a modelling audition that obviously needed support, morally atleast, and as usual i tagged along to support a friend i knew would have my back. there was only one problem, Risper was not anywhere close to the location of events and my worries... How does one even take a second breath when they can not give back supoort to their closest heroes because trust me, Becky has been a hero to Risper so many times i would die a mathematician if i started to calculate them. out of concern i call Risper to ask of her whereabouts and shock hits me, she is in her house browsing and will come at the after show, i mean, who does that? really? ok obviously you all now know who does that but really...??
It just dawned on my that we easily help other people without knowing they will never be there for us, they have taken us for granted so much they would piss on us if they had the common mail feature. But also, you as a friend, is it fair to take someone for granted so much that you would let them wipe your tears and you know you will never touch their eyes even to check on their peck. Frienship is a priceless gift that only special people can keep for ever. i do not want to keep all my friends for ever but i want to die by the sides of friends who hold my hand in a crooked bridge in life.
                                        Ms. Shee.