Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hae, i have been missing in action for a while, my apologies, network is not always a guarantee so appreciate it while it lasts :-) am grateful for this blog and you reading it.

Have you spotted #100daysofHappiness on social media? Most likely yes. I have come across a lot of reviews on the same and i kind of agreed with the ones against it than those that encouraged it. Question is, Can you really ''REALLY'' be happy for 100days consequtively? Some of the writters actually thought it was depressing, having a balance of emotions is important as well...

So, I decided to do something practical, #100DaysOfDiscipline.

Someone (or book) said that the secret to success is ''DISCIPLINE''. I also happen to feel like i am one not so ''Discipline'' person, i used to be then i turned out to be the one day at a time or more a minute at a time person. With no rules, breaking plans, basically,  just live a second as it comes.

So this is a journey i want to take and maybe sharing it will keep me on my toes :-) so i made this list (in a sec, no much thought applied) to the things i want to do tomorrow. I had actually thought of them but most likely i would not have done them.

..... Here it is....

1. Sell Jewelry (have a stand or see my customers)

2.Read atleast 2 chapters of my novel (i am not much of a book worm, or the least, but i can easily read a good book)

3. Have a 15 minute work out (the last time i tried this it lasted 5 days, so help me God) :-)

I happen to be a one step at a time girl so three things to observe are probably the best way to start. If intrested or already doing the same or have ever done, share.



Ms. Shee


  1. I have seen the 100 days of happiness on Facebook, but I think the 100 days of discipline is better because it expands your mind plus keeps you happy. Also, you'll conquer things that you don't have the chance to on a daily basis! Good luck:)

    1. Thanks Aya, its a good way to improve on me as a person and there is no pressure to force an emotions