Sunday, 1 June 2014



Like every artist i have days that doing a particular art is not what i want to do and unlucky for some they still have to do it especially those on a pay role. Ever thought of your favorite radio show host, especially the one that has the morning shows? What do you think drives them to wake up, cheer up and make your morning worth it? Do you think all their mornings are driven by a happy spirit and every morning life is so easy for them to smile and happily say '' Good morning listener, am happy you tuned in...'' ?


I have never been one and i am not sure i can even fit in those shoes. But i know for sure, it calls for a lot of DISCIPLINE. Maybe i will get one Radio host to tell me about it.

This Sunday i had the priviledge to attend Deliverance Church in Ruai where my grandfather serves as the pastor and it got me reflecting on my own life as he continually emphasized on ''foundation''. And it hit me, growing up my dad shaped me to be a really disciplined and organized person (not on things around me like making my bed because that i learned after moving out) but on planning ahead and keeping the plan alive even when it is due. I remembered also going to church every Sunday and having a week fully guided and not a single day would pass without a conversation with Him. Sadly i will now rarely read the bible (Sundays aside).

My dad happens to be good at planning, as we start this week, he already has his two weeks plan on the outfits he will wear (i only know what i will wear tomorrow). Let tomorrow worry for itself is not a phrase i want to quote but definitely we all have encountered a scenario where we failed to plan and ended up failing (quoted :-) ) .

Therefore,as the week starts there are habits i want to uphold on daily basis:

1. Read atleast 2chapters of a book. (because i really suck at reading and baby steps never hurt nobody :-) )

2. Read the bible.

3. Always on time to leave the house.

4. Communicate to potential customers as well as my clients :-) *that felt right*

5. Design or make something (especially Jewelry).

....DISCIPLINE is following a paricular code of conduct to achieve an intended goal (read success). This are just a few of the positive steps that i want to achieve and in 20Days the should be part and parcel of my life.

Over the past two days i have been reading two chapters of my current novel and i hope to be good at reading by the next 20days, so Help me God.

Thank you for reading this,

Thank you for stopping by.


Ms. Shee


  1. i like that #discipline..u are an inspiration btw

    1. Thank you :-) and thank you for stopping by.