Monday, 31 March 2014


Good morning y'all...

No new jewelry post today but i got a new hair over the weekend and my momma is luuurvn! anyway most of it all my gals are envious and i know i am badder than most  :-D #JK
i am officially no longer natural (hair) but i have the best hair ever, the highlight i previously had on when i had the ragged look is so paying of now with this new look, and i obviously have pictures from an early morning office selfie, i will try get me a camera for the best pictures, or at least good quality not my 5 point something mega pixel Android baby.

(say it like Wendy Williams) and here's Shee...
this kinda shows the details to the hair better

my side view never disappoints

front view matters the most.
looking forward to your feedback, yay or nay?
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Charmed and Chunky beaded Bangles

hey y'all, i am back with more Shee Art jewelries and this time its all chunky and colorful. I love colors and a bit of noise in my life so this pieces were so easy to make for me and i was watching keeping up with the Kardashians. they actually have a line on chunky jewelry but all metal and stuff.
KK collection
i am sorry i don't know what year this is but don't you just love it, like you would wear it with whatever you want. its that statement bangle that you can use to change your boring look to fun.
so, whats your favorite color? i would really love to know, mine is lime green and sometimes i feel yellow and turquoise.


so i had to start with my favorite color..
i personally have 2pairs of earrings in this two colors.
they just never go wrong and are an outfit changer!
take it from me men, she doesn't have to love red but a red gift will never go wrong. #word

i wouldn't say i am a fun of this two but i have heard a lot of ladies request for it. #brown #pink
now this is an eerr day all outfit bangle, i mean, its BROWN!!

The last and definitely far from the least is Grey, first of all my most recent boyfriend had Grey as his favorite color. can you differentiate grey from silver? because at first i couln't get convinced there is any difference. any way, cheers to the exes' :-D
Thank you for stopping by.


Ms. Shee Art...     

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Good morning!
i intended to do a first day at work yesterday but one nervous feel led to fear of unnecessary business on a first day.

any how....

back to business which is my jeweleries.

this season its all about long necklaces,

on the runway and on a model look...

even the male were not left behind as Pharell pulled the same statement with his famous hat bought by Arby for $44,100
Grammy 2014
and worry not i made sure my customers were well covered.
below is my collection that is yet to be named but i have a strong feel to name it Ndinda after my pal who took me to jewellery shop for inspiration.

DRUM ROLLS please...
favorite piece i wear it all the time, the brass bead is soon multipurpose it works with like all my outfit. Bliss!!! :))

 and before i forget, they are adjustable, you wear it to your preferred length and i have a pic to elaborate more for y'all.
Same Necklace
I have learned from my experience, ladies love #Red


more of the pieces...
this was a favorite to many

this was made so random out of beads i had left behind from a previous project and turned out to be a favorite as well.

my client bought this for her mum, its really pretty. thank you Wandia.

my two favorite colors: #lime-green #yellow

there you go...

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