Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Good morning!
i intended to do a first day at work yesterday but one nervous feel led to fear of unnecessary business on a first day.

any how....

back to business which is my jeweleries.

this season its all about long necklaces,

on the runway and on a model look...

even the male were not left behind as Pharell pulled the same statement with his famous hat bought by Arby for $44,100
Grammy 2014
and worry not i made sure my customers were well covered.
below is my collection that is yet to be named but i have a strong feel to name it Ndinda after my pal who took me to jewellery shop for inspiration.

DRUM ROLLS please...
favorite piece i wear it all the time, the brass bead is soon multipurpose it works with like all my outfit. Bliss!!! :))

 and before i forget, they are adjustable, you wear it to your preferred length and i have a pic to elaborate more for y'all.
Same Necklace
I have learned from my experience, ladies love #Red


more of the pieces...
this was a favorite to many

this was made so random out of beads i had left behind from a previous project and turned out to be a favorite as well.

my client bought this for her mum, its really pretty. thank you Wandia.

my two favorite colors: #lime-green #yellow

there you go...

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        Ms. Shee          

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