Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I will be gracing the the red carpet event hosted by The Bow-tie Events as they ''host fashion lovers in yet another fashion party...'' The purpose will be to ''...launch a social enterprise that will provide sewing machines to deserving women in rural areas, to learn tailoring and designing...'' as they aim at making ''...dreams happen through this initiative.''

Ps. Thank you for the invite :)
For this reason i decided to do post on bow-ties, i honestly love bow-ties especially on me, i don't have a picture on a man i have dressed but below is one i took from The Kiruthi's Blog (its about Weddings)

At a function...

Don't they just look good? another below from The Bow-Ties Events past red carpet Event
I love how it turns a simple outfit to a fashionable piece

HERE ARE WHAT I have been able to do involving this beautiful fashion item. Cc. Shee Art

1. Earrings
sold for Ksh. 100
The ones above were for those ladies that like their accessories big while the two below were meant for my customers that prefer to keep it simple and stylish.
selling at Ksh. 100

Selling at Ksh. 100
This pieces came in varied colors and i also mixed in one piece (pictures sijui nilitupa wapi)
ksh. 300

Denim alert :)
ksh. 300
KSH. 150

KSH. 150
KSH. 200

KSH. 150

KSH. 150

And of course a normal bow-tie like it should be

Here are another done by unknown designers that i have sold online, it came in so many varied colors but basically looked like so...

ksh. 200

Thank you so much for stopping by, feel free to add a link to your bow-tie looks.

Ms. Shee

Friday, 25 April 2014


What is wrong with you?

Nothing…? Are you kidding me right now?

Frankly hun, nothing’s wrong, it’s just that….

Yeah, I get it, It’s just that you are lost, trying to find yourself blah blah blah, to be honest, I don’t see why you ‘can’t find yourself’ without dumping me, am I pulling you back?

No, not at all, In fact my friends think that you actually pulling me forward, me too.

Then why can’t we be? Why do we have to have this conversation every time?

Hun please just ‘elewa’ (understand) me, we can still be friends.

Friends? Not really, my friends don’t do Kevin’s.

                                                 …..Awkward silence……

I didn’t or rather, I couldn’t bold up and listen to his persistent musings as he stroked his beard, his ugly sweaty beard, leave alone standing up and telling him what I really felt, how I just wanted to be on my own and possibly start afresh, and yes with a freshman, Kevin, but I couldn’t. It was not because Kevin was a first year and would seem wrong for a third year to date a freshman (like anybody cares) but because so much was wrong with me, he was right, I was drifting off, way off.

I was at peace though because I felt that my hands were tied, no, not with the squawky Boy Scout scarf that Kibet loved to tie my arm to the metal rail on his bed, at least his bottom half of the bed, these double Decker ninjas! My hands were tied by the fact that he was adorable, faithful as a dog, loving, fun and all. Nobody, not even Darth Vader (if you into those villains character movie things) would harm such an innocent looking moderately handsome chap with a face, not only her mother would love. So in the end I convinced my inner self to convince me, that if I could, I would, but since I can’t, I shan’t.

The truth is, nothing was wrong with him, but I wanted to break up with him, in fact I did and felt horrible thereafter but I believe that we all deserve to get what we want, no matter how many people we have to hurt on our way to our dreams no matter how vague they are. No? OK, my opinion and what do you know, you are still short.

Thus to this day I know not why it couldn’t work, was it his obsession with me? Was it his beard? ‘’That stupid beard’’ or was it my love for beads which he hated. But I am at peace, I miss him and I want him back but I am at peace, I know I don’t make much sense but am trying to believe that I do.

A man is only as ugly as his beard and as handsome as the beads he dons – Mahatma Gandhi and with this, I pass my message (offer) to my Kibet, if you are willing to lay off that beard for some African beads, then maybe, just maybe, I can butter your breakfast toast once more, and this time, maybe for good, since am much older now, I don’t get hit on that much this days. I guess that’s my sign that I might as well settle.

Think about it.

WRITER: Opted to remain unanimous.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014



You have probably heard of them or seen them but you didn't know what they are called, they are worn on the fore most joint of the digit as shown below...
source: Bijuju
So recently i tried to do them and ended up with a number of them and i thought i share the pictures as i work on my DIY illustration skills :)


This was probably the first i completed...

I did one in blue as you will see as you go along but
i had to make on in my favorite color #TeamLimeGreen

This is so pretty Right?
 I would love to hear from you, what Jewelry do you want to see or get to know about? leave it on the comment box plus remember to follow on Instagram Shee_Art and Facebook Shee Art

From the picture it looks like its too tight but believe me
you will not even notice its there.

The three colors i can wear any day or mix, i just know this three colors
like i know me :)
Ps. there's room for improvement...
 Side view below....

...and on a sad note...

Its a really sad time as write my post today as we continue to follow up on war in Sudan sad thing its a reminder of Rwanda. see comments Here...

Its always a pleasure.... THANK YOU :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Good morning...

I hope you had a good ''Pasaka'' (my boss keeps saying that in every call he has had this morning). i spent mine in K.U supporting my best friend at Chess and Machakos :) it was interesting and i learned so much that i would need a full post to just talk about it.


Today's post i just wanted to tell a short story about how i started. I basically credit a lot of all the business i have started to the online search and results i have made on Google and YouTube, especially YouTube. I started with Ksh. 2000, yeah it was about that and i bought tools to start with that was Ksh. 450 and a few bags of beads and other jewelry requirements as i saw on YouTube like earring hooks.

This probably were my first, i actually used an old Cowrie shell Necklace my dad bought me that my friend had pulled and kinda destroyed but i kept all the beads that i collected and the sead beads i really can't remember if i bought or recycled from an old piece.

Cowrie shells and seed beads
Actually most pieces involving cowrie shells were from the same necklace. here's more...

on the far right i just remembered i bought those sea blue beads at a local shop and they were so few.

I also tried to be creative, it didn't work out as i wanted but at least i tried,

I used two t shirts left overs from a previous craft activity

....and also had successful trials, be informed, i sold most of this pieces and more, you can view Here...
I used my mum's old Earrings that she had stopped wearing, it was a spoiled pair actually.

bought those red beads

this design was trending at the time so yes, i got one design right.
and orders came in for this, some wanting them as long and others shorter.

one of the bangle designs i did.

I look back and am humbled by everyone that supported me from the start because believe you me i made a profit out of this shady pieces that right now probably belong in a bin.

so i didn't stop there, i actually made a lot so i will show you a few as you can look them up Here... or Here... and Here...

this was inspired by an earring my boyfriend (then) had bought me and i pulled it off!

notice the colorless shambala beads, they were so trendy then

This was not a bad one, right?
And those are my first ''children'',
Thank you so much for stopping by...

   Ms. Shee            

Thursday, 17 April 2014

SEAD BEADS by Shee Art

Hi Jewelry lovers, So today is not one of those days that the universe is encouraging but we have to do what is necessary to make it encouraging.

I decided to do a post on sead beads, basically its any small bead but the commonly used and known in Africa/Kenya are these...

''Maasai Beads''

People commonly refer to them as Maasai beads as are commonly (in Kenya) used my The well known and Appreciated Maasai jewelry such as one below

Valerie Kimani

I did a post earlier on 10 of my Favorites that involved a lot of sead bead jewelry for both the male and female, you can see it Here...

So, I was inspired bu some of the pieces i did and i decided to do a collection of them.

Before i show you i think its important to share that for anyone interested in jewelry making, this are the most affordable beads out there and their results are rich, depending on how you do them.

This was my first time to work with them so... yeah! Critic but have that in mind...

Ksh. 100
One of my workmate thought this was the best, i can't choose really.
Ksh. 300

Ksh. 300

Ksh. 100

Ksh. 100

My best friend chose this,
Ksh. 150

I really try to keep jewelry as affordable as possible...

Ksh. 150

Ksh. 300

Ksh. 100

I have to pick this, i love the color mix, feel free to suggest color mixes you would like to see.

Ksh. 300
So simple...

and Lastly one of the pieces that inspired this creation...

Thank you so much for Stopping by, please Vote on the side for the TPF stars that you think wear African pieces the best.

Ms Shee Art

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


 This is a summary about me :)

  1. NAME: Agnes Wanjiru Ng'ethe.

  2. WHO AM I? : I am a 21year old Kenyan girl with a passion for African Jewelry.
    A student at Maasai Mara University college.
    Owner of Shee Art, a jewelry business, i wake up every morning for this.

  3. WHAT I BLOG ABOUT: Jewelry, African, Handcrafted, Affordable and most of it all Shee Art (my baby).
  4. OBJECTIVE: Raise awareness on African pieces, people don't realize it but African pieces are not just designed, they are born deep in the heart and every piece handcrafted means life to the designer and it may not be perfect but if he/she exposed it to the world, someone out there will understand its beauty.

  5. FIVE YEARS FROM NOW: Own a jewelry brand that will be labelled creme :)
    1. I am bad with names.
    2. YouTube is my favorite channel.
    3. I have a hard time crying, i just can not.
    4. Lime green gives me life, extra! 
    5. I only read highlighted stuff or numbered. 
    6. I suck at spelling.
    7. Photography... too much to say. a lot of love for it.
    8. My memory blinks, a lot!
    9. I debate a lot.
    10. CAKE... i wish i could bake some. #InlovewithCakes

    ............THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY..............