Thursday, 3 April 2014

10 favourite bead work as spotted.

So i decided to do a favorite article, ten favorite pictures i have come across. They are basically  bead work, lets call it 10 of my favorite bead work pieces.

1. charmed beaded bangle
I have made a replica of this, see it here shee art and more are coming on the same as this were a trial version.

2. African head, neck and hand pieces

winner to the Tusker Project fame season1 Valerie Kimani
3. Beaded Necklace
Kourtney Kardashian in a what i would have thought to be a male necklace, pretty impressive, right?

4. Small Beads Bangle (male)

The only reason i shared this picture is because i have never spotted a Kenyan guy rocking this and if you one reading this, share pics with me for free give away on my f.b page Shee Art

5. Statement Necklace

What more can i say about this.
6. Beaded Heels

Beyonce wore this in 2009, more beaded shoes have made headline like this i saw today while going through my news feed on facebook . :pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3

7. Small Beaded Statement Necklace
This Type of Necklace takes a lot of Patience to Start and Complete, Respect to all jewelry artists that have made such. i have not yet done such myself.

8. Maasai Bangle.
We all used to the normal bangle as seen here Maasai bangles but this, this was nice, who would have thought you can edit this bangles. i call them Maasai Bangles.

9. Garment Jewelry
I will let this picture say its own words.

10. Beaded Cutlery Set
I have never seen such and now its in my Wish list to own this set once i get my place. love love love.

Ms. Shee         


  1. The statement necklace is quite something and I see it going very well with a black dress. I also love the garment jewelry but I see it going better with a more casual look with jeans. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hae Almasi,
      I also find garment jewelry to strike more on casual wears.

      Thank you for stopping by.