Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hae Jewelry lovers, (assumptions made :P)

As i write this it just crossed my mind how bad i am at making conversations with others (maybe i should do 50 things about me, just crossed my mind as well) and notice how fast i can get out of topic... hm!

Back to business,

Lately i am hunting for a partner on my blog or someone who is well equipped with photography, if you are upcoming as i am its an added advantage as i get to grow with someone as well as i see you grow, like my tween :)

Last year i had the honor to work with my friends at  Maasai Mara University  where i study (BBM). i had Kiburi do most of the pictures together with another guy i am sorry but i Forgot his name, so please if Kiburi you know his name kindly tag him because he did a phenomenal job on introducing my pieces in Campus. The organizer was my friend Vee who i think will make a good manager at any field, hopefully start with Shee Art :)

Models of the day included: Wanjiru, Choge, Mejah, current miss Maasai Mara University-Cynthia this list goes on as we had two different designers with the same  model.

just a few of the pictures...

The earrings ksh. 100
Necklace Ksh. 400
The above consisted of a plastic-glass beads (for lack of a better way to describe the beads) and Stone beaded Necklace (available in different colors and a range of three different sizes).
Model: Vivienne Sang

Necklace Ksh. 300
model by Wanjiru

Studded hair clip Ksh. 200

The studs from the hair clip are in Gold coat color and silver.
Model : The Lovely Tess

Stone beaded Necklace Ksh. 300
Blue Glass beaded Earrings Ksh. 100
She was so effortless in all her pictures and beautiful while we are it. I'll get her name and tag on the next post (my laptop jammed and i really wanted to do this post like today)

earrings (which i know are hardly visible but i still post) Ksh. 100
Stone beaded Necklace Ksh. 300

Now i know her, she is a model and was 1st runners up on our Prom Night, will also tag her on the next post on my pieces.

...Key holder Ksh. 200
They were in plenty as we shot them while the models got ready (dressing up and make up)

The End!
Ps. complete post coming up asap!


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