Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Shee Art Necklaces.

Hallo, so i have been wanting so much to share with you my loves* my work and i chose to do a segment on the very first necklaces i made, first of all network has been a major issue for me, i just can't get first network and please reason with me *faimba* and no i have not even tried it.
here is my work....

Ksh. 450

This piece had colorless beads, i don't know why but is there really a color called colorless
Ksh. 500

I actually didn't sell this piece as it is, some two friends of mine thought thr red heart pendant was too much for it and do we decided i do away with it, which i did.

Ksh. 400

I Have so much love for this piece.

This piece is a defination of simplicity, i totally love and i actually got myself a similar one but in black.
Ksh. 500

This is a piece that has got people asking 'who made this
?'' ....oh
! its me darlings
:-p and i promise to blog about it soon, my pal bought it and she rocks it well everytime.
beads in it- orange, yellow, limegreen, black and the glass bead -colorless.
ksh. 400

Ksh. 400

i did a price strategy marketing move as it was a new product for my market and iwas also learning.......

Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. you are doing a good job... am glad to work with you ms.shee

  2. Hi
    How do you price your items?

  3. always a pleasure of mine, can't wait for September :)

  4. hi Claire,
    thank you for stopping by.
    i am not sure i understand you or know how to answer the question but basically i will price a piece from my cost plus a little on top as my profit.