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Ruth Ndulu Maingi

I have really been wanting to have a post on Ruth, she is a Kenyan Actor that i first met on Lies that bind, i have watched other programs/ series that she featured in but that particular one just stood out from the rest, however it no longer airs (i hope they come back though)

Below is her latest project : Mama Duka.
Ruth Ndulu Maingi – Lies That Bind Episode 2 Season 2 - See more at:
Ruth Ndulu Maingi – Lies That Bind Episode 2 Season 2 - See more at:

Ruth Ndulu Maingi – Lies That Bind Episode 2 Season 2 - See more at:
Ruth Ndulu Maingi – Lies That Bind Episode 2 Season 2 - See more at:
She has even been a nominee on AMACA2014 for best costume designer on Lies that bind, i mean, clearly she is if she is responsible of herself to start with.

Credit: pictures from Her Facebook account as well as Google search

So, i will definitely start with my favorite look,i really wish i could tie a turban with ease and handle the heat all day long because i am in love with this particular one especially with the jewelry she added on, its (Italian accent) PERRRRRFECT DARLRIN lol (i mean it though)

Some African jewelry just Never Go wrong irregardless of your choice of outfit, i mean, you can wear them to the office, out on a date and even on a casual look, just watch the height :)

...and she rocked hers well, this particular once are not Kenyan, i will update you on the origin as different African Countries have their colors

The next two pictures i couldn't separate, they both show cased the wooden bangles very well... is important to respect a lady that rocks ''wood'' earrings, they can be heavy. means she can handle it all (my take) :P

Brass are the new jewelry ingredient for any designer (although i have not yet started) i don't like the color of brass as much so its not a motivator but on other people it looks so good i want to own a Little of the owner (just kidding)

i loved her necklace the most because i am highly obsessed with long necklaces and i found this particular one to be really unique.

I have done a post on Long Necklaces but i have to give credit to her designers, this piece is rich and AFRICAN. i would have loved the look if her top was a little more dark, it kind of swallows the necklace and you left with the last pendant.

...but not the least, How beautiful does Ruth look in her all Queen Africa look.... i give her an A+
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Remember to carry a pair of earrings that can serve all purpose.
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