Wednesday, 23 April 2014



You have probably heard of them or seen them but you didn't know what they are called, they are worn on the fore most joint of the digit as shown below...
source: Bijuju
So recently i tried to do them and ended up with a number of them and i thought i share the pictures as i work on my DIY illustration skills :)


This was probably the first i completed...

I did one in blue as you will see as you go along but
i had to make on in my favorite color #TeamLimeGreen

This is so pretty Right?
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From the picture it looks like its too tight but believe me
you will not even notice its there.

The three colors i can wear any day or mix, i just know this three colors
like i know me :)
Ps. there's room for improvement...
 Side view below....

...and on a sad note...

Its a really sad time as write my post today as we continue to follow up on war in Sudan sad thing its a reminder of Rwanda. see comments Here...

Its always a pleasure.... THANK YOU :)


  1. love the work. Where did you get this type of wire?

    1. locally from bead shops in town.
      thank you :)

  2. How fun! I absolutely love this. Can't wait to give it a try! You're so talented!

  3. thank you, wow!!
    and i think you kinda look like Riri.

  4. hae, i missed this, i got the wire in some indian shop down town.