Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Good morning...

I hope you had a good ''Pasaka'' (my boss keeps saying that in every call he has had this morning). i spent mine in K.U supporting my best friend at Chess and Machakos :) it was interesting and i learned so much that i would need a full post to just talk about it.


Today's post i just wanted to tell a short story about how i started. I basically credit a lot of all the business i have started to the online search and results i have made on Google and YouTube, especially YouTube. I started with Ksh. 2000, yeah it was about that and i bought tools to start with that was Ksh. 450 and a few bags of beads and other jewelry requirements as i saw on YouTube like earring hooks.

This probably were my first, i actually used an old Cowrie shell Necklace my dad bought me that my friend had pulled and kinda destroyed but i kept all the beads that i collected and the sead beads i really can't remember if i bought or recycled from an old piece.

Cowrie shells and seed beads
Actually most pieces involving cowrie shells were from the same necklace. here's more...

on the far right i just remembered i bought those sea blue beads at a local shop and they were so few.

I also tried to be creative, it didn't work out as i wanted but at least i tried,

I used two t shirts left overs from a previous craft activity

....and also had successful trials, be informed, i sold most of this pieces and more, you can view Here...
I used my mum's old Earrings that she had stopped wearing, it was a spoiled pair actually.

bought those red beads

this design was trending at the time so yes, i got one design right.
and orders came in for this, some wanting them as long and others shorter.

one of the bangle designs i did.

I look back and am humbled by everyone that supported me from the start because believe you me i made a profit out of this shady pieces that right now probably belong in a bin.

so i didn't stop there, i actually made a lot so i will show you a few as you can look them up Here... or Here... and Here...

this was inspired by an earring my boyfriend (then) had bought me and i pulled it off!

notice the colorless shambala beads, they were so trendy then

This was not a bad one, right?
And those are my first ''children'',
Thank you so much for stopping by...

   Ms. Shee            


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  2. I love the long earrings..the ones with purple n pink... you are very talented!!