Monday, 12 May 2014


Morning Jewelry lover :-)

I just thought i do an update of what i am upto and planning.

To begin with, i am moving out of my pops place, okay not literally but yes, i am going back to my other home (Narok) mostly for school work :-)

I am also working on a new collection, i am trying to mature in my art but still keep it fun and funky/chunky. So y'all watch out for this artist :-)

Expect alot of silver, spirals, huge beads, seadbead, sead beads are a must, you all know i love sead beads.
You can also let me know what sorta Jewelry i should do or materials you would fancy to see...

Oh... There will be goth and this time round, i got the males covered.

Cheers love :-)

PS. Me and my bestie wearing two pieces you should get #simplicity #shells