Monday, 25 November 2013


So i decided to start blogging about my jewelry, get to actually not just post pictures of my work but 

also give you details on how you could possibly wear them. my roommate is my first model rocking

 a short necklace i made recently with matching earrings.

so my gal/roommate Vivian helped me out on this... she is one of those people that may not last forever as your friend but you will be dumb if you don't get inspired by her. I Will Always Appreciate you Vee


Venue: Campus Hostels

...And here we go

This  was her complete look of the day

Her nails :)

she is actually a model, i love her!

details of the two ornaments.

Prices: Neck-piece: ksh300
            Earrings: ksh 50


Ms. Shee.