Monday, 7 July 2014


hae my loves...

Today i feature Patricia Kihoro that according to most of my viewers is the star of African Jewelry/ fashion as voted on the just concluded poll on my blog. i featured her on the poll because i also think her style celebrates African culture in her own way which i really like.

photo credits: Google,her Instagram account and her blog that i think she should just get back on.

She is a Kenyan based actress, performing artiste, and radio personality and  Psychology student at Moi University.
She actually made that hair piece... #love


Most of us probably got to know Ms. Kihoro during and after her participation in tusker project fame3, where she emerged a finalist, as well as the all stars tusker project fame edition.
performing at blankets and wine with Ms. Amelina in the background.

she has been nominated for a 2014 Kalasha Award for Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama.
I SO LOVE THAT NECK PIECE, if she does a give away of it please make her pick me :)

Rocking an Egyptian head piece that i absolutely love. :)

Life in the single lane is probably one of the search result you will get on searching Patricia Kihoro. i have not had the opportunity to attend her show, which just so you know have always been sold out :)

She is now back on radio, anchoring the news on HBR 103.5, and hosting a Saturday show called AfroCentral. another reason to celebrate this beautiful African lady :)

 Patricia has also dedicate her time to the rape awareness organization, “NO MEANS NO”. what better way to give back to the African girls that look up to her?

LASTLY..... Her rendition of sauti sol NISHIKE

PS. you will smile :)
for more of her music :

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Ms. Shee


  1. Patricia Kihoro10 July 2014 at 05:51

    Thank you for the feature dear. :-)

  2. She's very beautiful!!

  3. have had the biggest crush on this lady so gorgeous........and too talented!woi.....i would make love to her mind

  4. wow!! lol

    Cc. @Patricia Kihoro