Thursday, 19 September 2013

Can i relax?

I consider myself a first learner and even better in artistic and more workable kind of classes than the class work kind of studies. i would confidently go on a competition with professional hair stylists after a day of few tips and all but would be very nervous in a business test paper with a first year student even though i have been in business classes for three years. That is just me and the fact that i know it, i can deal with it... very well.
Am Home watching TV after a day full of planning and working, so first of all i am a really good planning partner because i am an idea bag that's not only overflowing but unique and more than you need... BUT!! i rarely keep to the plans, i am spontaneous, very spontaneous, one minute i plan to hit the saloon for a weave and before i even get the chums for the hair, i am in my room down on the floor and pop!!its a hair chop!! that's how it works in my world...people ask me how did i think of shaving off, hey everyone, i didn't think of it people, it crossed my mind before bed time and when i woke up,  remembered my thought and went digging for scissors, which i own like Five!! So yes, here is hoe the big chop happened.... i divert a lot i know!!
Back to what i was saying... OK obviously i will divert again. the reason why i said i learn fast, is because i have realized i have also learned who i am... the moment i start, if i pause, i end up stopping, i don't want to stop at what i just started and any pause i make should have so much purpose that at the end of it am being pulled back for running too fast way fast actually that am almost overboard. that's why i have found myself blogging instead of concentrating on my relaxing time on my favorite Television shows...
This is also the first time am blogging via my phone and i know you will find lots of grammar error, please forgive me loves...!!!

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