Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Sometimes, there is just nothing you can do about it, sometimes there is something you can do about it but you know with all your guts, it’s the wrong thing to do. Those are the times the world feels like Bill Gate’s speech “…the world is always going to be unfair…” But when are we going to finish his sentence “…get used to it.” I think never, maybe one time, one time or a couple, but we are never going to take those words to hear for the rest of our lives. It is emotions like this, perspectives’, that make you remember you are human. Human to error, and like I learned, this life didn’t come with a manual and for every step we take in this journey, it’s a new baby step.  We humans will make baby steps every single day of our lives, sometimes we may feel like we in a second step but it’s just the beginning of a new journey. Yes there are second steps but doubtfully.

Take for example you’re your partner, don’t you just feel like you still get to know him every other day of the time you spend together. I went to school with my boyfriend and we spent time together for two-three years and later had a separation of about four years and then we hooked up again for a serious relationship. I got to see him at least twice a week and every single day we share something new about ourselves. It was funny how when I thought I knew him already, like he was on my fingertips, I learned that I was underestimating him or Vs V, but that didn’t mean I was wrong about him or I didn’t take him to heart and serious and all, I was being human just like he was. I like to call it expectation and I know I don’t believe in it but it’s there. Expectation is what makes us believe in someone. The thing about it is that its selfish, when you holding on to your expectation on someone, you forgetting they also have a space for expectations on you, that’s where we make the mistake, your expectations are not met and you make an error-conclusion on someone, selfishly. What am I trying to say, the people we are in a relationship with are the ones we put so much into, so much expectations such that we want to forget they are human enough to make errors that will yes hurt us, but that’s not what they intended, it was just a baby step…. Well, not ready for a walk.

The world is unfair, maybe aliens would have helped in it, if they really exist because after watching a couple of movies, I have learned their ability to predict the future as well as fore tell a thought and are pretty good at predictions and high technology. But then, it brings me back to a baby, to my relationship and generally my life. I can’t stand a movie I keep fore telling what the actor-actress will say next or even do next, continuously. Those are the movies i don’t finish or start cleaning the house as they continue, they are the series you finish the season you are on and never bother to even follow up on. That’s how life would be if it was fair, generally the ability to know when you can take your second step, knowing rather than expecting what your boyfriend will tell you next in your pillow talk time and worst of all knowing what tomorrow holds for you. Who wants to be in such a predictable movie?
Ms. Shee

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