Thursday, 9 August 2012


We all have a  point in our lives that we had an opportunity to make our first step. It was either your first foot step,  cry, loud laughter, new school or even your first relationship. This and more are steps that we take in life, alone or with the support of your close friends and relatives as well as the motivation to prove critics around you wrong, which i think is always a good way to look at life.
I woke up today ready to make a new step. Alone in it and motivated by my own criticism. (it's okay to criticize yourself at time, just don't be to hard on yourself)  With a lot on my mind as i take this step, wondering will anyone follow my blog? Will i.....more and more questions popping and answers were following with "it will work phrase."
I took the step and here i am holding the walls of my new phase and hoping in a short while i will be running around showing the world that 'yes i am strong enough to pull through.'  
Life is about YOU, Love is the emotional part in you life, your heart, and Learning is all about you taking time to understand,whatever it is.