Wednesday, 22 August 2012


You just got to the school gate and your best friend is there to pick you up, you hand him the laptop bag and he takes it without a second thought and swings it to his back and the next thing that happens… ‘’jesuuuus…’’ you are screaming at the top of your lungs and slowly it becomes hard to get a sound out of you. You don’t believe what just happened, you close your eyes with both your hands deeply hoping you still in the matatu headed to school and that was just a nightmare and  when you open your eyes, your friend is standing next to you so obviously it’s not a dream otherwise he would be seated. The look in his face confirms that what just happened will make you sick, a headache for the least.

‘’what just happened?’’ you get the strength to say something, even though you are sure you know exactly what happened in those few seconds. ‘’your… you know, your bag… you left the zip open and…’’ that’s enough and you don’t say it aloud but with your hands you signal him he has said enough. It’s enough said to let you close your wide open mouth. The next thing you want to do is blame him for not being careful but apparently handing him the bag to carry and letting him know it wasn’t closed is a precaution you should never have taken for granted. it’s you responsibility to ensure you keep you things well and blame game for any matured adult will look really bad, childish!!

What’s next, you too weak to walk and standing feels like carrying a rock at least half you size, probably a metal one. So you seat down and think to yourself as you hope that someone has invented a way to reverse life, an application you can get on any mobile store. ‘’if only… I wish… why me…’’ you thinking and at that moment nothing matters. You look aside and the sight of your laptop in pieces freeze a part of you then heats up your stomach and the internal temperature is just not right, you can feel your wet eyes now and slowly your cheeks to

Where do you start from here, it’s been half an hour since you sat down there, long enough for anyone to get bored and fall asleep but then you begin to get conscious of the stares of the  passing students. ‘’hey!’’ your friend has a worried look but that doesn’t ring a bell and you wondering ‘’you here?’’ that came out aloud for him to answer. He is right by your side. That’s exactly what we all want, to have someone by our side when we feel like the world is against us.

 Assurance that you are not alone is the strength we need to get to a battle, that at the end of this challenge, whether I win or not, there is a shoulder to lean on because we all need somebody to lean on… not solutions or sympathy. Someone taught me to share in silence and that’s a good way to deal with a problem, stay close to each other, thinking of ways to deal with what happened. Being there means a part of you if not the whole of you, cares and wants to be part of the other. Share in silence.

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