Monday, 13 August 2012


Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is the first commandment with a promise... this is probably the first verse of the Bible any Christian had to learn as a child if not the second after ’’ for God so loved the world…’’ I missed church yesterday but I surely did not miss to meditate on my earlier sermons back when going to church was dictated by my parents if not the motivation of a new pair of shoes and a long Cinderella dress.

For the sake of anyone who played at the back of the Sunday school class I will remind you of a quality Jesus possessed that I got familiar with yesterday as I had my hair done instead of going to church- not that am proud of this. Jesus was not only an obedient child but also wise in his ways, being the son of a carpenter, he took upon himself to learn this skill his father was so good at and learned it to the level of practicing it. One thing I realized is that this he learned before he took up his career; teaching, that’s what marveled me the most.

How many of us know what our parents do for a living let alone know how it is done? Would you take over their position if a circumstance posed their position vacant? Jesus would probably have taken over before they found a suitable person as the village carpenter, their customer would not have waited for weeks to get their order nor would Mary’s family have gone hungry because of lack of a source of income. Put in mind Jesus purpose on earth was nothing close to a Juakali artisan and he had power to turn wood to any type of tables and chairs and stone to bread.

They say charity begins at home, so should your skills. Learn the skills at home before you gather the rest on your way, they will help you make the right choices as you seek for even more skills. Growing up I also learnt that I should be better than my parents, but how can you be better than someone if you don’t know them?


  1. Nice piece:) Parents have true love for their children. Unlike the Greek eros its more of agape!