Monday, 20 August 2012


That moment u feel like you own the world, you are so exited and you surrounded by water bubble, colorful balloons and the scent of flowers cloud you and Birds are forming beautiful shapes praising you in a beautiful song. It’s that moment you realize you might just be dead and the bubbles you had, start to burst, the balloons burst out loud one at a time and you can no longer hear the beautiful melodies of those birds above you and as you throw hands all around, you chase away those beautiful butterflies that where making rainbow shapes along and one mistake after another results to a worse moment because you realize that its smelling awful from the mess coming from the many birds you angered when you distracted their choir practice and dance routines and now you realize the flowers didn’t change you just clouded them with the birds mess.

So *Valerie and I were talking about her boyfriend via texts, phone girl talk. They had been dating for a three months and it was at its peak from the start, that was good, until she started recalling her other relationships and how they had grown boring with weeks. She looked at her relationship and couldn’t believe how things were turning out, ‘’How? And how can this man be any different from the rest of them, he must be up to something. ‘’ That was *Valerie acting like any of us and like fate would have it, she lost him. That’s how it works out. She has vowed to get him back but he already moved on and I hate to break it down to her that as much as she is not over him, he found someone who appreciates his goodness and believes in it.

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them  and for the sake of ‘*Valerie’s,’ when you have lemonades, try to come up with flavored lemonades, add color or something because we all know that too much of anything is boring. You going to have to believe that lemonades do exist even if you can’t make that juice, someone can make it and good things don’t always cost you a dime, sometimes you just get it because it’s yours, including someone who loves you for who you are.

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